Jack Maltby


About Jack

Jack is an associate musculoskeletal therapist at Athletica Physical Health. He has completed his Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) at Endeavour College.

Jack’s treatment technique focuses on finding the route cause of functional impairments by assessing the interplay of joints, nerves, muscles and movement patterns. He understands that biomechanical and neurological dysfunction go hand in hand, and thus largely uses the assessment and treatment of nerves combined with movement based therapy to mitigate pain and reduce the likelihood of future injuries.


Jack uses a wide variety of techniques including joint mobilisation of the spine and periphery, electrotherapeutic dry needling, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, exercise prescription, low-level laser therapy and vagus nerve stimulation.


Jack is also an avid rock-climber and as such possesses a passion for the treatment and prevention of all injuries related to the sport of climbing which include; golfer’s/tennis elbow – meniscus and ACL injuries – cervical/thoracic spine issues – tendon rehabilitation – injuries of the hand and fingers. 

Qualifications and Memberships

Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy)​

Original Strength - Level 1 Coach

Member - Myotherapy Association of Australia