Musculoskeletal Therapy

Musculoskeletal therapy is a branch of functional medicine focusing on the nervous system and its relationship to the function or dysfunction of the muscles and joints.


Your clinician will consider what tissue is causing your pain then determine what other parts of the body are contributing or causing your problem.

From this information, a personalised treatment plan is developed and implemented with your consent. 

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Musculoskeletal therapy works in three phases:​​

1. Pain relief phase (the first visit)

During this phase, your clinician will find the source of your pain and aim to eliminate symptoms so that you can start moving normally again. This kind of work may including manipulation or mobilisation of various structures involved including joints, nerves, arteries/veins, muscles, fascia and many others. The aim is to take pressure off the bodily tissue causing your pain.


2. Corrective rehabilitative phase

During this phase, your clinician aims to correct any abnormal movement patterns and alignment faults that contributed to your initial symptoms. In many ways, this is the most important phase as many people think they are "fixed", but until the true causes are addressed, symptoms can return.

3. Preventative phase

During this phase, your clinician aims to maintain your corrected alignment and movement patterns. The patient normally is required to keep up with their prescribed exercises and see their clinician every 1-2 months.

Therapies that may be used by your clinician:

- Low level laser therapy

- Joint correction and mobilisation

- Nerve manipulation

- Myofascial dry needling with or without electrotherapy

- Shockwave therapy (additional costs involved)

- Myofascial manipulation

- Scar tissue therapy

- Vagus nerve stimulation