Fibular Nerve Dysfunction

The following symptoms may remind you of your own or another's, but its important to note that it may be due to another issue. People that present to my clinic with fibular (aka peroneal) nerve dysfunction have symptoms that range from pain down the front or the outside of the shin that may extend into the foot. Sometimes this accompanies pins and needles, numbness and/or burning sensations on the top of the foot. Many people will eventually have weakness when they flex their ankle (lift toes towards their shin) and this can manifest as a dropping foot when walking.

A majority of these patients will be told be their doctor that the symptoms are due to a bulging disc pushing on a nerve in their back, but as much as this may be a part of the picture, its not the whole story. Nerves need to be free to move and if something along its pathway disturbs its movement, it can become sticky and that can be painful. A key area of stickiness is around the side of the knee. Loosening this stickiness requires treatment of the whole nerve which may include work in the foot, leg and thigh regions.

Is this where you feel your pain? If so, come in for an assessment of your fibular nerve.

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